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Tips on child custody litigation

Find the Right Lawyer

Most parents make the mistake of hiring a divorce lawyer on their child custody case.  That may fit some cases, but there are attorneys that devote more time and therefore have more experience in child custody and relocation matters. And that experience can only be in your favor. Also, find the right lawyer also means finding a lawyer that you can actually talk to, on a human level, and with whom you have a good rapport with, because in the end, it's the two of you as a team that will win your child custody case.

Prepare your case

It is important to have your legal documents and financial information available to you. In addition, it is better to have your own separate bank accounts and your own insurance. Similarly, make sure to have your own email account, one-line social accounts, cell phone, and mailbox. Pay back the debts you are separately liable, to avoid a negative impact on your credit score. In addition, use your marital funds to pay kids' lessons, college tuitions, teeth braces, otherwise, you need to spend your own money to purchase them later. 

Focus on your children, not the other party

The New York courts make decisions on child custody based on the best interests of your children. So, focusing on what your children need, such as the quality of the living conditions, and how your children may benefit from your education, socio-economic status, and your work schedule. In addition, avoid being overly protective and controlling in the court's eye, you should not claim that your children only want you to be the parent. By all means, alienating the other parent will have a negative psychological impact on your child. You are both the parent and Courts will make every effort to see to it that both parents are actively involved in the child's life, unless there are circumstances that will make this impossible, such as drug abuse, prison, mental and personality disorders such as bi-polar, narcissistic and manic-depressive individuals, alcohol abuse, etc. 

Parents of child custody cases are strongly advised to seek legal assistance from a New York divorce attorney. Please feel free to call the Diefenbach Firm on their 24-Hour Hotline (917) 734-7111.  Gordon Diefenbach will either speak with you when you call or will return your call within a matter of hours. Leave your name and cell number.

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