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Equitable Distribution in New York

In New York, during divorces, the property will be divided based on equitable distribution– distributing fairly and reasonably. This property division will consider factors, such as the income of each party, the duration of the marriage, the pension and inheritance rights of either party. The courts will have discretions in deciding the property division, and it is not necessarily a 50/50 split. Moreover, the courts don't need to divide properties based on their titles. 

Properties subject to division are marital properties—properties obtained by either party during the couples' marriage. They include a wide range of assets, such as homes, jewelry, arts, and retirement accounts. Business and professional practices can also subject to equitable distribution. In contrast, separate properties being brought into the marriage will not subject to property division. Separate properties include those being received as an inheritance, acquired as personal injury compensation, or listed in a prenuptial agreement. Also, it is necessary to get a proper valuation of properties. Moreover, if parties reach settlements on property division, the courts will approve the settlements if they see such division fair and reasonable.

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