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Equitable Distribution of Property

As NY Equitable Distribution lawyers we deal with division of property and businesses, which can and are litigated among high net-worth individuals during a divorce. When a married couple goes through a divorce, the court is responsible for dividing their property. New York courts decide property divisions according to equitable distribution laws, assigning it fairly […]

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Requirements for Legal Separation in New York

Requirements for Legal Separation in New York To get a divorce in NY, the requirements for legal separation in New York hinge on length of state and county residency and also include waiting periods. In New York your divorce can be either fault, or no-fault” grounds, or you can base the dissolution on spouses being […]

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One nerve-racking issue faced during a divorce is to understand the plethora of child custody laws that apply to your case.  Most of the time Family Law matters are designated under state jurisdiction, including New York child custody laws, and the Courts in NY that deal with custody matters can be the Family Courts or […]

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How to Prepare for a Child Custody Case in New York?

Gordon Diefenbach has handled some of the toughest custody battles in New York over the last 10 years of his practice. He can coach a parent during a divorce when facing the complicated process of figuring out child custody.  According to a paper published by The Rural Law Center of New York, a parent can […]

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