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The Diefenbach firm is best known for its sophisticated matrimonial and civil litigation practice. We are located in the heart of Midtown West, two blocks from Columbus Circle. We select lawyers and clerks from the Ivy Leagues, some of whom have large law firm experience and consistently hire from the top 10 law schools and universities. Gordon Price Diefenbach is widely regarded by both clients and peers as a talented trial lawyer and has been associated with top Manhattan divorce lawyers as well as with top New York City child custody attorneys.  Ever innovative, the firm is at the forefront of the merger between Information Technology and the law.

Over Three Decades in Private Practice: Experienced Divorce Lawyers in NYC

In some cases, your negotiating a fair custody or divorce settlement is not possible. Among leading matrimonial law firms in NY, Gordon Price Diefenbach has over 30 years experience as a trial lawyer. Throughout hundreds of negotiated cases, he has seen first-hand that when negotiations fail, clients get fairer results when they litigate some of the issues. The firm is a leading New York matrimonial law firm, and has  earned its reputation through hard-fought battles and against some of New York's toughest divorce lawyers. In 1999 Mr. Diefenbach was among the first to coin the term 'parenting time' rather than 'visitation' when discussing a father's right to raising his children after a divorce, because he thought it strange that all divorce lawyers and judges until then used the term 'visitation' with ones children. It does not capture the essence of a meaningful relationship with your children and seems to belittle it. Gordon Price Diefenbach has handled some of New York's most sophisticated interstate custody battles, with FBI involvement in several of them, and is highly regarded as a skilled and formidable child custody lawyer in New York. Our favorite testimonial is by a client who was embroiled in a no-holds barred custody battle, who said “If you had to pick one lawyer, you’d want Diefenbach– he argues in court as if his own life depended on it.” That is the essence of loyalty to your clients and that is the essence of his style.

When Negotiations Fail- The Stakes are High When it's Your Own Children

Some lawyers look at the whole picture during a divorce and become "lawyers for the situation", in other words, how to resolve this to everyone's liking.  Under our system of justice, we believe this is a mistaken view of what it means to represent a client. When Mr. Diefenbach is your lawyer, you tell him what you want; his job is to get it. Fairly and ethically. We have taken on complex and high net-worth divorces and high-conflict child custody cases in some of New York's most highly litigated divorces. Particularly in child custody matters, Mr. Diefenbach is available on this cell phone to discuss emergency applications for temporary custody (in case, for example, your spouse or partner has stolen the children out of the home, which legally are called Emergency Orders to Show Cause for Temporary Custody), or to handle international divorce and custody disputes. We have handled extremely challenging cases, international abduction of children cases, and parental kidnapping cases.

A Lawyer Miles Ahead of the Learning Curve

We use cutting-edge computer technology, dedicated point-to-point fiber-optic internet connections at over 200 Mbps, the legal research powered by Westlaw and LexisNexis, and have the talent to engage in complex legal research and appellate work in child custody, emergency child custody temporary orders, equitable distribution, temporary maintenance, permanent maintenance, distributive awards and relocation cases. The court machinery in divorce law, and especially at the beginning of a spouse’s grab for custody moves fast. We routinely hire some of the best private investigators in the world, retired NYPD Detectives, when false allegations are concocted and you are on the defensive. Our firm has been hired on some of New York’s most litigated cases ever to hit the New York courts. But just winning the case for a client is half the battle. Some lawyers have an uncanny ability to obtain the best settlements for the sake of the children, and our firm is no exception. When compared to other Manhattan matrimonial lawyers, our firm is concerned with the psychological well-being of children caught in the middle, and will fight hard to give them the future they deserve.

Why Contact Us?

Break-ups, when they do come, storm in at lightning speed. Our motto is that we guarantee you will speak with Gordon Price Diefenbach when you call or at most within hours of your call. In this area of the law, timing is everything. Having worked for some of the top child custody lawyers in New York, he has special expertise in Matrimonial and Child Custody Litigation, Divorce Litigation, Child Support, Equitable Distribution, and the Drafting and Negotiation of Pre-Nuptial, Post-Nuptial and Separation Agreements. By way of any legal channel and within the bounds of the law, he will zealously represent your position.

We are the go-to firm when you need legal representation in the New York divorce courts in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We also represent litigants in child custody matters in the Family Courts of Bronx, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Staten Island.

Our business cell phone is on 24 hours a day @ (917) 734-7111. We guarantee a telephone consultation at the time you call or within hours of your call.